From Marlengo to Caldaro on the Etschradroute Cycle Track

Family cycling tour through the vineyards of the valley Etschtal/Val d'Adige.

General description

Family cycling tour through the vineyards of the valley Etschtal/Val d'Adige.

Route description

Starting at the Marling/Marlengo church square follow the main road all the way to Lana/Lana. At the first traffic light first take the Kellereistr./Via Cantina street and then turn into Lebenbergstr./Via Monte Leone street, just opposite the new winery Meran/Merano. After a few hundred meters, take a left turn on to a dirt road onto the Gampenstr./Via Palade street towards Tscherms/Cermes. Just before the village church, turn left onto the cycle track through the fruit orchards. The track is mostly on dust roads leading through spectacular terrain, as far as the Sigmundskron/Firmiano intersection just before Bolzano/Bozen.

This is the start of the Überetsch/Oltradige cycle track that winds its way along a gentle slope though the vineyards of the upper Etschtal Valley, to Frangart/Frangarto and Girlan/Girlano as far as St. Michael/Eppan-S.Michele/Appiano. On arrival at the Kreuzweg intersection, continue to the Kalterer See Lake or to the village of Kaltern/Caldaro. Kalterersee Lake can be reached following the Ora/Auer cycling track.

This section of the Etschradroute is roughly 42 km long with an elevation of only about 200 m as it descends from Marling/Marlengo and only about 75 m to Firmian/Firmiano.

Description to arrive at destination

The route starts at the Marling/Marlengo church square, in the direction of Tscherms/Cermes-Lana.


On the public car parks in the center of Marlengo (next to the fire brigade and in the Traubenwirt's park) can be parked for free for 120 minutes (with parking ticket!). For a longer parking time parking tickets can be solved (0,50 € / hr), whereby two hours are always free.

Public transport

The bus 212 goes direct to the centre of Marling/Marlengo.

Safety instructions

Good to know:

  • emergency call 112
  • weather report:
  • timetable:

The suitable bicycle clothing including bicycle helmet, sun protection and sufficient drinking is presupposed.

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