Tappeinerweg Trail

General description

 The Tappeinerweg Trail runs above the city from east to west. In addition to excellent sunlight, the path offers sweeping views of the town below, the Merano Valley Basin and down into the Adige Valley.

Franz Tappeiner, a doctor and medical researcher from Val Venosta who was a passionate proponent of tourism in Merano, created the promenade and donated it to the city. The four-kilometre-long path splits off from the Gilf Promenade and follows the curve of Monte Benedetto until it reaches Quarazze. In addition to typical local vegetation, cork oak, eucalyptus, lotus, pine, various species of palms including Chinese palms, bamboo, cactus, agave, magnolias and olive trees are planted along the path.

There are numerous access points from the town centre:
• the steps leading up from behind the Duomo (main cathedral) along the road that leads to Dorf Tyrol
• from Via Galilei near the chairlift to Dorf Tyrol
• near the Silvana hill on Via Verdi - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
• from the Gilf-Promenade past the Gunppowder Tower
• on the orographic right side of the Ponte Romano

Various inns and restaurants along the path.
Bus-connection: bus-line 236 Merano-Passeggiata Tappeiner-Castel Torre or city-bus 3 (bus-stop Martinsbrunn)

Description to arrive at destination

Merano, numerous access points from the town centre

Access to the Tappeiner Promenade from the Schlehdorfweg/Salita Silvana and the public toilets on the Tappeiner Promenade are closed until further notice.
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