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Tappeinerweg Trail


The Tappeiner Trail is one of the longest and most beautiful high-level promenades in Europe. This sunny path leads from the Gilf Promenade over the slopes of the Küchelberg mountain to Gratsch, offering wonderful views from a height of 380 m. There are several entry and exit points: at the Gilf Gorge or the Ponte Romano (past the Gunpowder Tower), via the Tiroler Steig behind the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, in Via Galilei (at the bottom of the Küchelberg chairlift), and via the Schlehdorfsteig in Via Verdi.

The Tappeiner Trail owes its name to one of Merano’s largest benefactors, the spa physician, anthropologist and botanist Dr Franz Tappeiner (1816-1902). His generous donations allowed the promenade to be built in three sections in 1893, 1911 and 1928.

The wide promenade is mostly flat. There are several restaurants and cafes en route, as well as a public toilet and drinking fountains.

Warmth-loving cypresses and pines give the Tappeiner Trail its character. Mediterranean shrubs, evergreen bushes, half-shrubs and succulents (e.g. olive trees, acacias, pomegranates, oleanders, agaves) contribute equally to its southern atmosphere.

Difficulty: easy (universally accessible, family and pram-friendly)
Baby pushchair access: from Via Galilei, from the Gilf Promenade, via the Schlehdorfsteig in Via Verdi, or from Gratsch
Bus service from Merano (train station or bus stop in Via delle Corse) to Gratsch: Line 236

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