Naturae et Purae

June 18 to 20, 2021

In anticipation of the traditional November event, the Merano WineFestival Preview "Naturae et Purae" will take place from 28 to 30 May, dedicated to the "triple bottom line" of sustainability: Planet - People - Profit.

It will be an event aimed at a select audience of no more than 500 people per day, and its programme content will be based on the following topics of interest:

  • an external route within the Merano Flower Festival on the Kurpromenade: 4 consortia
  • Wine sustainability Campania - Blanc de Blanc: 50 wineries and typical products
  • Cult Enologist - Rosé: 100 wineries selected by renowned enologists, and
  • Think Tank: conference/round table on the sustainability of the wine production chain.