D|A Genussgarten

Vogelweidestraße 26
Wednesday 5 - 7 p.m.
Friday 4 - 6 p.m.


organic food & floral design

Anna Gruber and Daniele Piscopiello believe that a garden without flowers is hardly a garden at all. Every week in Merano, they offer vegetables, grains, grafted plants, and a stunning variety of flowers for sale. Initially, these blooming beauties were integrated into their garden plan purely for ecological reasons, intended to attract beneficial insects essential for maintaining ecological balance. However, Anna, whose background in photography gives her a unique appreciation for aesthetics, began assembling these flowers into stunning bouquets, now a staple decoration at many celebrations. As parents to two young children, Anna and Daniele are proponents of a proactive approach to farming. According to Daniele, farming shouldn't just focus on treating symptoms but on understanding and addressing underlying causes. He suggests adopting a comprehensive view of the garden as a living system where everything is interconnected Even harmful organisms prove beneficial as they help build populations of beneficial insects. More than this, they emphasize the importance of building humus and enhancing soil fertility through techniques such as crop rotation, green manuring, composted manure, and respecting the soil in every action.

The daily operations on their farm demand a great deal of expertise and hard work. They organize their lives to ensure that they can work as a family and enjoy time together. They also share their experiences with others who believe, as they do, that "there is no greater satisfaction than harvesting your own vegetables." Through gardening workshops and supportive WhatsApp groups, Daniele guides amateur gardeners and newcomers on how to maximize small spaces for self-sufficiency. Anna and Daniele’s family, with an 80 percent self-sufficiency rate, is well on its way. On a path lined with flowers—beautiful and beneficial for all.