A good bit of charity is everwhere:
The charitable associations and organisations at the Solidarity House alternate with their presence and offer insights into their activities: youth services, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, senior citizens' and women's groups, church and supra-regional organisations, even district committees offer the opportunity to do good for yourself and others with their products ranging from arts and craftworks to decorative items.

The charitable organization Handswork, also represented in the Solidarity House, produces, for example, the Swiss stone pine lanterns in its workshop in Cermes, which are used in the lantern guided tours, organised by the Tourist Office Merano and can be purchased in the Info House.

Re-Bello & Rifò, on the other hand, collect merino wool from all over Italy and use the recycled material to create headbands and caps for Merano. These can also be purchased at the Info House at the Merano Christmas Market and at the Tourist Office.