Climbing in Naturno
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The Hoachwool climbing route in Naturno with views of the Vinschgau and Juval Castle
The challenging via ferrata Hoachwool in Naturno
Via ferrata with suspension bridge in South Tyrol - Hoachwool via ferrata in Naturno near Juval Castle

Via Ferrata Hoachwool

Difficult via ferrata in Naturno

The via ferrata Hoachwool offers exciting rock tours for experienced climbers with a view of Juval Castle. The challenging and varied topology, the traverses, the steep rock faces and the old gullies, which were laid as a water pipe as early as 1833, make this via ferrata unique. Steel cables, footholds and rock anchors bring climbers safely to their destination.

The via ferrata covers a difference in altitude of 630 metres, and the climbing time is given as 4.5 hours.
The second half in particular is characterised by some steep vertical passages of difficulty D: difficult for experienced climbers, everyone else should not even attempt it.

While many other via ferratas in the Alps can only be reached after long hikes, the easy entry to the Hoachwool via ferrata tempts even inexperienced climbers to try it out. The result: regular rescue missions by the Merano Mountain Rescue Service, an average of ten per year. The most frequent causes for the emergency call being dialled: Exhaustion and not enough water. In addition to the difficulty, many underestimate the heat on the via ferrata, which is exposed to the southwest.

You should only climb in good weather and be careful not to kick any rocks loose. The prerequisites - whether climbing in Naturno or elsewhere - are existing climbing technique and sufficient physical condition. A climbing helmet and harness with via ferrata set, suitable shoes, via ferrata gloves and sufficient liquid and provisions are required. In summer, you should also make sure you have enough fluids and additional sun protection, as the location of the via ferrata Hoachwool, which is particularly exposed to the sun, should be taken into account in your preparations.

Those who prefer to tackle the via ferrata in the company of a mountain guide can contact the builder of the via ferrata, mountain guide Ludwig Gorfer (+39 335 5853007), at any time.
Below the platform Unterstell is the via ferrata "KNOTT".
There are four routes, a short connecting route, a 20 m long rope bridge and two steep ladders. The via ferrata offers easy routes, difficult passages, exposed routes and technical sections and can be climbed at any time of day, because the ascent and descent are short.


- The route "Sally" (B-B/C-D) starts directly at the "wall foot". 50 m steel cable lead over two overhangs up to the "Big foot bridge". The approx. 4 m high "saucer overhang" is the most difficult part (D).
Via the "Big foot bridge" you can reach the routes "Turtle", "Affele" and "Rocky".

- "Turtle" is the easiest route (B). 40 m of steel cable lead up to the exit. All difficult parts are defused by step aids. From the route "Turtle" the friction traverse (A-C) branches off halfway. The exit is difficult (C) and ends at the first celestial ladder.

- The route "Affele" (a total of 50 m of steel cable) starts with the difficult "Oacherle traverse" (B- C/D) and then leads upwards towards the ladder to the "Elephant belly" (C). This is followed by the first sky ladder and the exit (B-A).

- The route "Rocky" (a total of 60 m steel cable) begins after the "Oacherle-Quergang". Via the "Weg zum Geist" (B) one crosses to the right and over a small overhang (B/C) one reaches the very steep, second sky ladder. The rest of the route (A-B) leads over the "Auge", then along a simple crossing and a ledge to the exit.
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Naturns I Naturno 3 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

Eine spannende Schatzsuche 🔎, ein Spaziergang mit Lamas 🦙 oder Klettern am Knott 🧗: auch in diesem Jahr ist in Naturns für ein abwechslungsreiches Kinderprogramm gesorgt 🤩:
Una caccia al tesoro emozionante 🔎, una passeggiata con i lama 🦙 o un'arrampicata sul Knott 🧗: anche quest'anno Naturno ha un programma vario per i bambini 🤩:

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Ein kleiner Tipp für euren nächsten 🌸 Frühlings-Urlaub in Naturns:
Einmal ganz früh aufstehen und die Apfelwiesen mal ganz anders sehen 🔥 ❄️
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Da es mit der Post manchmal etwas länger dauert 😉, könnt ihr unsere Broschüren hier auch online durchblättern oder runterladen 📙
Poiché a volte la posta impiega un po' più di tempo 😉 potete anche scaricare i nostri depliant online qui 📙:

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🌸☀ Welche ist eure Lieblings-Jahreszeit? 🍂❄️
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Naturns I Naturno 19 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

Ziel: Aussichtsplattform Unterstell. 🤩
Die knapp 800 Höhenmeter von Naturns zur Aussichtsplattform sind perfekt um sich auf die nächste Wandersaison vorzubereiten. 🥾⛰️
Destinazione: piattaforma panoramica di Unterstell. 🤩
I quasi 800 metri di altitudine da Naturno alla piattaforma panoramica sono perfetti per prepararsi alla prossima stagione escursionistica. 🥾⛰️

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Durch das Traum-Wetter ☀️ der letzten Tage sind wir schon etwas in Frühlingsstimmung 🌸 Worauf freut ihr euch am meisten, wenn die Tage wieder länger werden?
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