Hike to the Kolbenspitze Summit (2,868 m)

General description

A trip full of panoramic views over the entire valley

This worthy day trip takes a little stamina. The ridge at the peak is slightly exposed, the passage over the many boulders below is quite arduous.

Starting point: Ulfas parking lot

Endpoint: Ulfas parking lot

Refreshment stop: Ulfasalm mountain pasture


Route description

From the Ulfas parking lot (direction south), hikers continue on the road to the Kratzegg farm. Once crossed the river to the right (to the southwest), the route leads through woods and mountain pastures towards the mountain summit. Hikers cross the river (leftside) and ascent at first on the rather steep mountain ridge, then along a green basin. Then hikers reach a steeper ridge, where to continue the ascent on massive boulders, past the easily visible Steinmännchen cairn, finally reaching the ridge crest (on no.2, on older maps no. 3a).

From there, direction west on the less steep south side of the mountain, the trail continues along green slopes, followed by scree, boulders, and steep rocky slopes up to the ridge preposed to the Kolbenspitze summit. Finally, along the route on this ridge, hikers reach Kolbenspitze summit (3) that was not visible at the beginning of the tour.

The return goes from the Kolbenspitze summit (eastward) back to the Steinmännchen cairn along the lower ridge (3). From here, however, always along the crest (slightly northeast) until the crest all of a sudden plunges. Here, turn left (to the north) down another steep slope into the valley down to an intersection (no.3). From here, the route goes to the left, briefly into the valley (2b), then back out from the valley (2a) left over the bridge, reaching the Ulfasalm mountain pasture with no major inclines.

From the Ulfasalm on the road in a long curve down towards the valley, again briefly into the valley (2b), back out from the valley (2a) left over the bridge, reaching the Ulfas parking lot.

Those in a hurry can hike just below the Ulfasalm mountain hut on the Waalweg irrigation channel trail, then steeply through the woods to the near bridge, and from there on the road back to the Ulfas parking lot (2a).


Source: "Wanderführer Passeiertal " - Heinz Widmann

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo until at Moso / Moos and furtheron to Ulfas (parking place Kratzegg).

Parking is available at the Kratzegg parking lot in Ulfas.
Public transport
There is no public bus to Ulfas. For this tour you need a car to get to the starting point.
Safety instructions
This mountain tour actually only requires some stamina. The summit ridge is slightly exposed, the path over the stone blocks under the cairn is quite arduous
Good hiking boots, hiking clothing and rain gear are recommended.
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