Bunker Mooseum in the Passeiertal Valley
Spectacular museum on the rocks
Bunker, Museum, Ibex, mountains, nature
In Moos/Moso, in the rear part of the Passeiertal Valley and visible from afar, is the museum of urban and natural history of the valley, the Bunker Mooseum. The history of the Schneeberg mine is also showcased in the new contemporary building.

The exterior of the Bunker Mooseums also serves as a climbing wall. The bunker features exhibits which are open daily, and the ibex enclosure gives visitors the chance to see this animal close up.

The exhibitions are maintained together with an info-center about the Texelgruppe Nature Park.
MuseumHinterPasseier - Bunker Mooseum in Moos/Moso
MuseumHinterPasseier - Bunker Mooseum in Moos/Moso
In Moos/Moso you will find a museum experience with a particular character. In combination with an Information Centre of the Natural Park Texel group ...
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