Ski Tour to the Kolbenspitze Peak (2,868 m)

General description

From the car park, first follow the forest road toward the mountain hut Ulfaser Alm. Just after the small bridge, a sign points in the direction of the Kolbenspitze peak. The trail first leads towards the right through the forest to Alpine pastures with mountain huts (called Windritt). From here, continue further uphill to the mountain hut Obere Ulfaser Alm (1,960 m) and afterwards via wide switchbacks and a steep slope to a cairn that can be seen from a distance. From here, the trail continues to a ridge, which leads left to the peak.
The descent is more or less via the same route back to the Obere Ulfaser Alm. From there, head right over the partially-treed slope towards the mountain hut Untere Ulfaser Alm. Follow the service road back to the car park.
Avalanche danger: depending on the conditions, there is a risk of snow and slab avalanche on the steep slope to the cairn, and between Windritt and the Obere Ulfaser Alm.


ATTENTION: Always be informed about snow conditions and avalanche risk before setting off.

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