To breath in, breathe out, love
To breath in, breathe out, love, 2019
Margit Klammer

Margit Klammer (Innichen/San Candido, 1958) strived to evoke at the "art drive in" the wellbeing offered by the spa resort by engaging various sensory systems.

Similar components were used in another project that was carried out recently with the support of Meran’s Thermal Baths and with the active involvement of the municipality. A cube of four meters in side length adorns a traffic roundabout. The artwork is illuminated on the inside by a pale blue light and bears inscriptions about the concept of wellbeing in three languages. The work is meant to be seen by all those using the bypass northwest of the MeBo highway (running through the Etschtal Valley to Bozen/Bolzano) to get to Meran.
Margit Klammer has created several other artworks in town, including five Artists Pavilions and the aviary of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.
Here are the other works of art: