Did you know?
Since when does the Merano Grape Festival take place?
Dating back to 1886, it is the most rooted event in the social life of Merano.
What is a "Saltner"?
The Saltner protected until the '60s the ripe grapes from thieves. Mostly living in a simple dwelling in the vineyard, the Saltner wore chains of animal teeth and cloaks of consecrated coins, crosses and fox tails. Colorful feathers on his hat should frighten humans as well as animals.
Which floats have always participated in the Merano Grape Festival?
The float "Marlinger Wagen" with the apple crown is the oldest of all the floats at the Grape Festival, it was built in 1949 for the first time. Its dimensions are remarkable: it is more than five meters long, 2.20 meters wide and weighs 2.3 tons (of which more than 500 kilos are accounted for by apples).

With its 300 kilogram grape the float "Kundschafter" from Lagundo is also one of the most important floats of the move. The car weighs about half a ton, it is 4.50 meters high and 1.60 meters wide. The giant grape itself is one and a half meters high. The float was first decorated in 1951 in this form.
Which other parades with horse-drawn float are there in the Alps?
None. The Grand Parade of the Merano Grape Festival is the only one with horse-drawn floats in the entire Alpine region.