Piero Richard
Wil-ma Kammerer. Homage to Piero Richard, 2016

Wil-ma Kammerer (St. Lorenzen/San Lorenzo di Sebato, 1959) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino and spent several work-study stays in China, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Australia. She uses diverse art forms ranging from painting and sculpture to video and installation art. One of her public artworks, Das Fenster (The Window, 2000), is located in Lana and is part of the South Tyrolean Sculpture Path land-art project. It consists of a large glass screen through which the surrounding landscape can be looked at.

In Meran/Merano, Wil-ma Kammerer again worked with specular reflections. She used chrome-plated iron to create a sculpture showing Piero Richard (Sarre, 1899 – Meran, 1967) in profile. Richard was an important promoter of Meran’s tourism and economic life. Born in the Aosta Valley, he was an engineer by trade. In the 1930s and after 1945, he was head of the Merano Tourist Office and strived tirelessly to achieve his plan to enlarge the Therme spa complex. He promoted the construction of the horseracing track and was president of Meran’s Equestrian Society.
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