Behavior in Cultural Sites
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Behavior in Cultural Sites
In order to contribute together to the preservation and safety of cultural assets, the following rules of conduct should be observed:

1. Respect Opening Hours:
Be mindful to enter cultural sites only during the designated opening hours.

2. Caution with Bicycles:
Do not lean your bicycle against cultural assets, fountains, or historic buildings.

3. Attentive Entry:
Walk attentively through cultural sites and be mindful of possible uneven terrain.

4. Responsible Handling of Personal Items:
Avoid large backpacks as well as wet or sharp objects in museums and churches.

5. Follow Safety Instructions:
Do not touch exhibition items, and do not lean on railings or climb on walls.

6. No Eating, Drinking, or Smoking:
Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed in museums and churches.

7. Consideration for Pets:
Respect that dogs may have restricted or no access to cultural sites.

8. Awareness of Liability:
Be careful not to damage private property and take responsibility for your own actions.

9. Follow Safety Measures:
Familiarize yourself with escape routes and adhere to safety plans in museums and castles.

10. Permitted Photography:
Inquire upon entry whether photographing the cultural site is allowed.