Mindfully on the way
Safe and Attentive through the Passeiertal
Mindfully on the way
Nature offers us a unique opportunity to escape from everyday life and find relaxation. However, it should never be underestimated. To make your holiday in nature even more enjoyable, you should follow a few tips.

- Choose a hike that is suitable for all participants and plan the route in advance.
- Check the weather report.
- Make sure you have the right equipment:
- Solid footwear
- Sun/rain protection
- Hiking map
- If necessary, a walking stick
- provisions
- enough to drink
- First aid kit
- Mobile phone for possible emergencies: European emergency number: 112
- Bag for your own rubbish

- Treat nature with respect and avoid unnecessary noise so as not to scare wildlife.
- Follow the markings and stay on the marked paths. Close barriers and fences and be aware that some trails cross private property.
- Respect vegetation, nature reserves and protected plants.
- Observe grazing animals from a distance and try not to feed or touch them.