A sweet homage to the century-old grape-cure tradition in Merano and produced with the best local ingredients: it is the result of a collaboration between the Tourist Information Office and the students of the Marie Curie school. The sweet bread, in the shape of a bunch, contains the authentic Merano cure grape, thus building a bridge between health history and the present, between modern nutritional science and baking tradition.

The students Valentina Mussner, Verena Klotz, Hannah Gasser and Jana Calliari of the 4th grade of the Fachoberschule für Tourismus und Biotechnologie "Marie Curie", Merano, together with their teachers Sabine Pfitscher-Knoll and Sigrid Gruber have worked out a tasty and equally well thought-out project:
MerKur, the Merano grape bread.

The delicious yeast pastry in the shape of a grape is easy to divide and is made from precious South Tyrolean raw materials such as grape seed flour and dried grapes (Vernatsch grape).