Passer water
Passer water, 2003
Ruedi Baur

This installation was created by French/Swiss designer Ruedi Baur (Paris, 1956) and is located on level 0 of the car park. However, as the artwork has fallen into decay, it is now extremely hard to spot.

Baur studied graphic design at the Zurich School of Applied Arts. In 1989, he founded Integral Concept, a union of design studios collaborating as partners in interdisciplinary projects focusing on visual communication and design. Since 1987, he has lectured in universities in Europe, Canada and China.

His installation draws a parallel between thermal water and the water of the Passer River (on whose bank the car park is located). He captured the essence of the river in a series of large-format photographs: from its source at Timmelsjoch mountain pass, on the border between Italy and Austria, to its confluence with the Etsch River in Meran/Merano and its debouch into the Adriatic Sea. The images are set into the floor, each covering and marking a parking space, thus creating the stunning visual effect of the parked cars floating on water.
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