Leer oder voll?
Empty or full?, 2015
Alois Lindenbauer

Alois Lindenbauer (Weyer, 1947) is an Austrian sculptor. He studied at the Bundesfachschule für Holzbildhauerei in Hallstatt, an important town for the timber industry in northern Austria. Lindenbauer has created numerous stone artworks for public sites, e.g. in Edlitz (design of the Hauptschule school courtyard in 1990, and of the public fountain at Marktplatz square in 1992) and in Krems an der Donau (the stone sculpture in front of the Lutheran parish church, 2000).

For Meran/Merano, Lindenbauer created a stone sculpture akin to a table or to an archaic altar, with hinted outlines and six objects set on top. Although these objects are similar to bowls, they are not hollow and cannot be used as containers. The title Empty or full? questions their contents in ironic fashion.
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