Image Disturbance
Image Disturbance, 2015
Paul Sebastian Feichter

A South Tyrolean artist, Paul Sebastian Feichter (Luttach/Lutago, 1964) attended the Woodcarving Art School in St. Jakob/San Giacomo in the Ahrntal Valley, and the Professional School for Arts and Crafts in St. Christina/Santa Cristina. In 1987, he opened a sculpture workshop in Luttach (Ahrntal Valley). Solo exhibitions of his works were held in 2000 at Meran’s Galerie Art Forum and in 2001 at Galerie Prisma in Bozen/Bolzano.

For the Art & Nature project, Feichter created a sculpture titled Image Disturbance, which is located near the Roman Bridge. The artwork consists of a television set on a marble column, whose original form is visible on its back. The television’s body contains a granite rock. The granite-textured screen hints at the television static of the pre-digital era, a pattern of flickering black and white dots displayed when the device obtained no transmission signal or when the broadcasting time was over. The accompanying drone is produced by the rushing Passer River. Feichter therefore represents an everyday domestic ritual in a natural setting, reinterpreting its shapes and sounds.
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