Gilf Promenade
The Gilf Promenade is located at the foot of Monte San Zeno and surrounds the gorge where the Passirio river enters the city. The various paths, some natural terraces and beds of vegetation make up around three incredibly lush hectares. Almost 250 plant species settle in this relatively small area.

The idea for this walk dates back to 1871, when this ridge, sheltered from the wind and warmed by the sun high above the waterfall and the Passer at the foot of the Zeno mountain, was discovered. Work began in 1880, but due to the dangers and rocky outcrops over an area of almost 3 hectares, it was not until the summer of 1887 that the work could be completed and the path opened to the public. The credit goes above all to Merano's Dr Hans Prünster, who headed a committee whose task it was to collect the financial resources necessary for constructing this path from the citizens of Merano and guests.
Of particular emotional impact are the plant sculptures created by local craftsmen and municipal gardeners. The atmosphere is relaxing, shady and comfortable. Here we are invited to listen to the water's rhythmic trickling and to marvel at the river's wild rushing into town. The promenade is characterised by the striking presence of plants of American, Asian and Mediterranean origin. Among them are different varieties of maple, cedars, magnolias, pines and many others.
On the Gilf Promenade, the pace is linked to the stops that the walker builds in to contemplate the wonders of nature, which are abundant here thanks to the lush vegetation. The benefits can be significant for breathing. Breathing is something that accompanies us from birth, that no one has taught us. In short, it is one of the most natural things that characterise human life, just like walking.
All organs need oxygen. Today's man sits a lot, and stress is his constant companion. Therefore, at least on holiday, he should take the time to walk and supply himself with oxygen. The simple exercise of concentrating on our breathing will significantly increase walking benefits without using any special techniques. You can support this by placing your hands on either side of your chest, taking three deep breaths and paying attention to the movement of your abdomen as it rises and falls.

Professor Stephen J. Kellert, professor at Yale University and one of the world's leading experts on biophilia, is convinced that a person's physical and mental well-being is closely linked to the natural environment. Contact with nature, among other things, improves concentration and memory. The Gilf Promenade, with its rich and varied vegetation, combined with the wild Passer's water, offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and recharge mental batteries. Besides, the well-maintained greenery of the surroundings has a relaxing effect on our nervous system. According to Austrian and Swiss researchers, a waterfall's sound has a stimulating effect and increases the heart rate. So the visitor to the Gilf Promenade decides for himself whether he wants to relax in the green far from the waterfall or whether he prefers to enjoy the benefits of its wild beauty.