What does walking mean?
Walking means moving on foot at an estimated speed of about 6 km per hour, which corresponds to between 7,500 and 8,000 steps with an average stride length of 70-75 cm.

Walking at 6 km per hour helps to prevent cardiovascular disease more effectively. According to a study conducted by Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris among men and women aged between 65 and 85, the lethal cardiovascular risk is three times higher for those who move slowly (i.e. under 6 km per hour). So, while walking is good for losing weight, prevention requires a faster pace.

How much do we have to walk to stay healthy?

According to the results of an international study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health and conducted by researchers from the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Sweden, the number of steps per day should be as follows, depending on age and gender:

Age  Steps per day
 18-40  12.000
 40-50  11.000
 50-60  10.000



 Age  Steps per day
 18-50  12.000
 50+  11.000

However, the researchers pointed out that in any case, for women up to the age of 50 and men in general, 10,000 steps per day are not enough to burn excess calories.