Sissi's Path
The path that bears Sissi's name is interesting to walk along in both directions. It is the route the Austrian empress chose when she walked to the city centre and back from Trauttmansdorff Castle, where she was a guest during her two stays in Merano.

As the finishing point is the famous Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe, your journey is inevitably conditioned by particular haste to reach the praised paradise of plants and flowers. After walking along the Winter Promenades and crossing the Stone Footbridge, you must prepare yourself for a relatively long, though certainly not prohibitive, climb. It is called Via Salita alla Chiesa and leads to Piazza Fontana. From Piazza Fontana, you arrive at Vicolo Stretto, not long but suggestive. Then you come to Via Theodor Christomannos where, on the right, you can see a glimpse of Castel Rubein, a private residence surrounded by a beautiful park, and further on, on the opposite side, the noble Castel Pienzenau. A small road called Via Teleferica will then lead you to Via Dante's end and the Sissi Gardens entrance at Trauttmansdorff Castle. Already at first sight of the outside, you will feel rewarded for the beautiful walk!
It is clear that on the way back after visiting the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, there can only be one topic of conversation: what you have just experienced. If you have also visited the Touriseum, the museum of tourism, the topics can range from the flora's beauty to the fascination of a remarkable era in Central Europe. Except for the first part, the entire trail leads downhill. If you have already walked up the Sissi Path, you can exchange experiences and impressions undisturbed. However, if you have reached the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle by bus or under time pressure and thus not paid attention to the enchanting surroundings, it is worthwhile to enjoy the area. Take a break at the Stone Footbridge to watch the water of the Passer below you. The last section of the Sissi Path coincides with the Winter Promenade, which offers you numerous benches to catch your breath. Here you have the opportunity to visit the Wandelhalle, a magnificent art nouveau picture gallery that transports you to a distant time.
Having walked the Sissi Path in one direction or another and then visited the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle means that you have covered about ten kilometres. If you intend to reach the Gardens on foot, it is advisable to the Via Salita alla Chiesa without forcing your pace, perhaps taking a few breaks to breathe deeply. Your entire body will benefit from this.

If you follow the Sissi Path on the outward journey (if you visit the Gardens), you will almost certainly want to get there as soon as possible, which will have a positive psychological effect. If you follow the path backwards, you will experience a feeling of euphoria that will take you far away from the problems and fixed thoughts that nag at you, with great benefit for your inner balance.