Poetry Walk
One single specimen of Eternity - each of us poets
Allen Ginsberg

How can you not agree with Allen Ginsberg, the American poet who awaits you sitting on one of the benches of the Gilf Promenade for an open dialogue, at your choice, on small or big themes of humanity? But he is not the only one. Other great names from the world of poetry await you on various benches: Carl Artmann, Gottfried Benn, Piero Bigonciari, Giuseppe Conte, Kurt Drawert, Norbert C. Kaser, Sarah Kirsch, Mario Luzi, Sepp Mall, Antonio Manfredi, Friedericke Mayroecker, Alda Merini, Christian Morgenstern, Roberto Mussapi, Mary de Rachewiltz, Rainer Maria Rilke, Edoardo Sanguineti, Raoul Schrott, Maria Luisa Spaziani, Andrea Zanzotto. Mario Nereo Rotelli chose a verse from each of their works and engraved it with a pyrograph on the backrests' wood. Ezra Pound, who spent part of his life in Merano, was given a personal corner, with verses chosen by his daughter Mary de Rachewiltz. The Italian poets featured along the route have taken part in the prestigious 'Meranopoesia' review organised by the Civic Library in the past. From the German-speaking area have been chosen, those who have lived in our city have known and loved it.
Along the way, you will immerse yourself in different cultures and in a variety of feelings that will set your spiritual thoughts in motion, free you from ideological deposits. A real recreation for your mental balance! Sitting on a bench, you will read a poetic verse that you have not chosen yourself, but which is unusually presented to you and whose effect you cannot escape - because curiosity is an uncontrollable urge. It is an entirely new experience, with possible positive effects even on your self-esteem.