The Kurpromende runs along the orographically right side of the Passer between the Post Office Bridge and the Theatre Bridge. Its characteristic features are the flowerbeds, palm trees and artfully trimmed hedges, for all of which Merano's city gardeners are responsible. In the middle of the Kurpromende is the Kurhaus, one of the most elegant buildings in the Alpine region, built in Art Nouveau style and the venue for numerous events.

The creation of the Kurpromenade goes back to a natural disaster. After the last major flood in 1817, the municipal administration decided to build a new, safe dam. A few years later, a promenade was built on this site, becoming the town's unmistakable landmark, not least because it runs past the Kurhaus. The walk soon became the meeting place of Merano's citizens and guests, who came in increasing numbers every year.

The Kurhaus architecture in the background, the play of palm trees and the magnificent flowerbeds capture every visitor' eye. The vegetation is unique: among hundreds of plants, towers a horse chestnut considered a natural monument, almost a hundred years old and with a diameter of 5 metres. The flower compositions created by the city gardeners are also particularly admired.
Standing in front of the Kurhaus, you can't help but admire its façade. In your mind, you can be transported back to the time when the Kurpromenade was a catwalk for European elegance.
Right in the middle of the promenade, a small terrace overlooks the Passer. From this elegant overhang, you can truly experience the Passer while also thinking about its history, recounted in detail on a plaque. The river was a source of concern for the inhabitants of Merano in centuries past. Now it has become a place to approach with different eyes and a different frame of mind.

During Advent, the Kurpromenade hosts the traditional Merano Christmas Market. In elegant wooden huts, treasures of handicrafts and delicacies are offered for sale. Sophisticated lighting creates an extraordinary atmosphere.
The Kurpromenade is ideal for walking at a leisurely, steady pace, with a few breaks. The various benches on which to sit - some facing the river and others the Kurhaus - allow you to enjoy the sunlight both in the morning and in the afternoon, with all the benefits we know: increased immunity, cholesterol control, production of vitamin D in the body.

The Kurpromenade can have a special significance for our psychological well-being: an opportunity for those who find it rather challenging to make new contacts, but also a relief to those who are tormented with serious thoughts or worries. A walk also provides ample opportunity for all observers of human behaviour. For everyone, no matter what their nature, a stay on the promenade brings lasting inner enrichment thanks to the diverse emotional stimuli.