Maiser Waalweg Trail
The Maiser Waalweg trail offers walkers an opportunity to experience the different characters of nature around Merano. In the beginning, the Waalweg leads through fruit orchards and vineyards, then through mixed forests.

The route can be mastered by everyone, especially as the Waalweg has a difference in altitude that is insignificant unless you choose other valley access. As is the case with almost all Waalweg trails, various access points are also possible here. For example, you can take the bus to Kuens or Riffian, both at the Passeier Valley entrance. The route leads down to the valley along well-marked, well-maintained and safe paths through a beautiful orchard to the arched bridge over the Passer near the sports field. There are now several choices: If you cross the bridge and turn left, you can continue walking in the direction of Saltaus. In this case, you may admire the Waaler's house, where the characteristic wheel with a hammer indicates the water's regular flow.

The Maiser Waalweg trail is beautiful to walk in all seasons, thanks to the variety of its landscape. The access to the Waalweg trail from Schenna is fascinating. A little above the church, a field path (Wiesenweg) leads off to the left, offering a fantastic view over the initial part of the Passeiertal valley. The trail winds its way through a mixed forest with chestnut trees and soon reaches the Maiser Waalweg trail.
The Maiser Waalweg trail is especially recommended in spring to regain physical fitness by moderating walking speed and doing appropriate breathing exercises. The view of the blossoming orchards in the valley is a blessing for our psyche. In summer, you can enjoy the alternation of sun and shade on this Waalweg without demanding any special effort from your body. In autumn, nature offers us an extraordinary play of colours on this path.

How about a stop, perhaps halfway along the route, for a good, hearty laugh? Whether you are alone or in society, the Waalweg is the place to be. You can force yourself to laugh for no reason. The benefits for the body and mind are considerable. It has been proven that 10 minutes of laughter significantly lowers blood pressure and counteracts anxiety and depression. Some say that 1 minute of laughter is physically equivalent to 10 minutes of rowing. Spontaneous laughter is also said to loosen inhibitions and bring out a natural sense of humour.

It has been proven that our life energy is linked to oxygen. The Waalweg trails in the surroundings of Merano, embedded in nature and of low altitude, allow us to fill up the body with this vital element. The rustling of the trees, the wind on the skin, the sun's rays falling through the leaves and all the other incredible natural sensations that affect us along the trail are an ideal basis for yoga. Merano is one of the most important energy centres in Europe and is considered one of the capitals of "Green Yoga". This type of yoga is primarily known for its consciousness and awareness, which includes positive human resources. Throughout the world, there is a global development that brings to light human beings' real needs.